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Scale  Your  Business  With  High-Ticket   Sales


I’m so glad you’re here. 

Ready for a simple, soulful, & high-integrity path to your next level? 

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Private Coaching

Discover your “must-have” sales position, so you can sell high-ticket with love, integrity & complete CONFIDENCE. 

Healing Hypnosis

Restore your Power to Prosper.™ Heal emotional & money trauma so you can  RECEIVE your next level. 


Connect with other soul-driven entrepreneurs & scale your business with SIMPLE “high-ticket sales conversations.”


Would you like to ALIGN your family/team behind your vision as if it were their own? Double your income in less time.


 Your High-Ticket   Sales Foundation

There comes a time in every Multi-Gifted Empathic Entrepreneur’s life when you’re OVER the masculine burnout sales model.

Despite your struggles you sense there’s a better way to sell high-end services. TRUST yourself…there is.

‘My Power to Prosper™ programs open the doors to selling FROM love & the leadership you were uniquely set apart to bring to the party.

If you’ve been in multiple programs that haven’t worked for your unique needs, bring it in for a warm “been there too” hug.  

That’s why I designed a ‘soul quenching’ sales system that’s helped me & my clients sell well over 12-million dollars worth of transformational services. 

Grab your MONEY TALK SECRETS E-Course (plus my ‘Heal Sales Rejection’ hypnosis audio) & get your high-end sales wings in the sky… stronger, faster & savvier than before!



Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations

Scale  Your  Business  With  Subconscious  Sales  Skills


Hey there! I’m Darlene Karpaski…

I’m a “Recovered” Psychotherapist Turned Transformational & Sales Success Hypnotherapist. I’m betting we’re a lot alike…You’re ON FIRE to lead the Mission God, the Universe set you apart for. You’re DONE hitting your upper limits in high-end programs & being the best kept secret out there. 

Over the last 25 years I’ve led healing & business transformation for more than 7,000 leaders, entrepreneurs & organizations who fell between the cracks of broken mindset, mental health, and marketing systems.

Just like my clients and I, you’re MEANT to create a much bigger impact…but those systems have made you lose faith. When you’re ready to lead the REVOLUTION God put on your heart with a big smile on your face, book a 15-minute chat to share your big dream with me. 

Big Love,


High-Ticket   Sales  Mindset  Community

Forget about raising your rates just because a guru said so. Listen to your instincts…because selling from hype instead of love isn’t YOUR thing. 

After clocking over 46,000 hours helping empathic leaders grow their wealth mindsets, sales & income by unleashing their Irresistible Sales Presence. 

What I know for sure is that selling high-ticket is a hell of a lot more FUN when you’re back in love with your business. 

This circle is a safe space to dream BIGGER & sell premium programs WITHOUT big lists, complex funnels & repeatedly burning out on social media. 

Join the ‘Sell FROM Love’ REVOLUTION today!


You’re just a blink away from the freedom you’ve been praying for.  


Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations