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REIMAGINE Your Purpose & Impact

UNVEIL Your Feminine Superpowers

LEVEL UP Your Clients & Income

Multiply  Your Sales Success  &  Happiness

With  Hypnosis


Welcome Ambitious Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs!

How does a SIMPLER path to next-level impact & freedom sound? 

Here’s how you can get there… 



Healing Hypnosis

Accelerate healing from burnout & anxiety so you can reinvent them into expansive new purpose & passion.  

Private Coaching

Clarify your UNIQUE value & how to position your gifts to work less & scale into your income goals faster. 


Connect with other soul-driven women coaches, healers & entrepreneurs leading in a new loving world order. 


ALIGN your team behind your vision as if it were their own. Lead with Feminine Influence & create a thriving culture.


Scale  Faster  With Feminine  Sales  Success  Skills 

Darlene Karpaski Business Hypnotist

Hey there! I’m Darlene Karpaski…I’m a “Recovered” Psychotherapist/Mental Health Director Turned Sales & Income Breakthrough Hypnotherapist. 

I’ve facilitated personal & business transformation for more than 7,000 soul-driven CEO’s, coaches, entrepreneurs, wealth advisors, corporate escapees & mission-driven organizations.

Whether they were start ups or multi-million dollar businesses, their sales & income soared when they stopped “following” other people’s success blueprints & started following the Success Blueprint God baked into their souls.

If you’re struggling to scale it means you’ve likely had an emotional or business setback. Since then you’ve been “IN-BETWEEN” …you’re not who you used to be & you’re not yet who you have the potential to become. Left to your subconscious your brain can’t help but default into your old identity & replay the same limiting results.

Are you ready to break that trance & create a bold new chapter of life that puts your values first? 

Message me now. 



 Women  Entrepreneurs  Prospering  

Are you a soul-driven women entrepreneur with a BIG VISION for your life and the world?

Trust yourself…You’re not holding back. You’re still MAKING UP YOUR MIND about how you want to frame your gifts. 

Sensitive, multi-gifted women who have shouldered BIG responsibilities for years need to reclaim parts of ourselves & reinvent before we put ourselves OUT THERE in a big way. 

Our circle is a safe space to RECLAIM your power and discover new fulfilling ways to attract & enroll clients without overwhelm. 

Women Entrepreneurs Community

Download Your PDF + Hypnosis Audio. Imagine prospects falling in love with you on your next call.  


Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations