Double Your Sales Success & Happiness  



 Authentic Sales Success for Soul-Driven Leaders



Are you ready to accelerate into your next-level of impact & income? 

Here’s how you can get there… 



Healing Hypnosis

Heal your money relationship & turn your imposter syndrome story into your next level of purpose, joy & prosperity.

Private Coaching

OWN & magnetically express your soul message on video or live stages, so doubling your sales is fulfilling & fun.


Step into your bigger money story with other soul-driven women coaches, healers & entrepreneurs ready to soar.


Finding tactics based training isn’t enough? Wake up the “success side” of your teams subconscious minds. 

Darlene Karpaski Speaker

Double Your Sales  Success & Happiness

Darlene Karpaski

Hey there! I’m Darlene Karpaski. Would you like to double your sales & income while enjoying more time with family? I’ve seen that magic again & again in my work as a Sales Success & Transformational Hypnotherapist. 

More than 7,200 soul-driven CEO’s, entrepreneurs, coaches wealth advisors, corporate escapees, and organizations have grown their sales & impact through my accelerated sales & influence transformation programs. 

Whether they were new founders or multi-million-dollar businesses, their income soared when they stepped into the “bigger” stories their HEARTS were calling them into & stepped into their next-level sales success & influence skills. 

If you’re ready to double your sales with a big smile on your face, we should talk.



 Women  Entrepreneurs  Prospering  

Are you a soul-driven woman entrepreneur or high-ticket sales professional with a BIG VISION for your family & the world?

Traditional marketing programs weren’t designed to meet the unique reinvention needs of women leaders over 40. We’re a multitude within! That’s why we need a deeper dive into our stories instead of cutting off pieces of ourselves to FIT INTO a niche. 

Our circle is a safe space to REIMAGINE the “value” of your offer & sales message from a spiritual point of view. 

Women Entrepreneurs Community

Download Your PDF + Hypnosis Audio. Imagine prospects falling in love with you on your next call.  


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