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FOCUS your brilliance into a magnetizing offer & brand story that attracts higher-end clients & stages like clockwork.


Get your brain on board with with other wise women entrepreneurs ready to grow their impact & incomes. 


Marketing tactics aren’t enough. Give your team a competitive edge with subconscious influence skills. 

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Glass Ceiling’s Are Just a Wake Up Call 

Darlene Karpaski Business Hypnotist

Welcome WISE woman!

God loaded you for bear with subconscious magic that “could” be quantum leaping you into better clients & revenues… but you’ve had setbacks that have knocked your brain off course. That’s why it’s been hard to hit your sales goals.

That was my story, too…Until I discovered the secret to scaling into multi-six-figures in 7 months after nearly going bankrupt. I “accidentally” ran into a hypnotist who helped me retrieve my gifts & reorganize them to serve in even more valuable ways. 

After years of taking care of family, working more than full-time, and navigating my chronic health issues, I lost myself along the way. Hypnosis work woke me up & reconnected me to the purpose God baked into my soul. That’s why hypnosis has been my favorite business influence tool since 1996.

Whether they were coaches, healers, early founders or multi-million-dollar businesses…More than 7,000 leaders BLAZED THEIR OWN TRAILS into next-level impact & income. 

And you can too. 



Attract High-Paying Clients

If you’re DONE with marketing that burns you out & makes you doubt your worth, draw a line in the sand. You were set apart to bring something to the party that no one else can! Nothing could be more important to growing your wealth than clarifying your spiritual purpose & unique value!  

If you’re ready for a fun & fulfilling path to clients with a BIG SMILE on your face... join our circle of ‘Women Entrepreneurs Prospering.’  

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