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Restore Peace of Mind

Don’t just “recover” from  burnout. Use hypnosis to propel your creativity & PERFORMANCE “to the moon.”

Reinvent Your Relationships

Stop power struggles at home & in the c-suite. Reclaim your ENERGY by shaping HEALTHY change in your relationships.


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Equip managers to TRIGGER success. Reach past the “walls” of anxiety so you can re-engage and retain your top talent.

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Evolve your sales confidence & conversational INFLUENCE skills. Learn the art of winning hearts & referrals of skeptical prospects.

Business Success…Just a “Blink”Away

Darlene Karpaski

Meet Darlene Karpaski

For nearly 3 decades, Darlene Karpaski has helped burned out leaders & teams grow their relationships and revenues.  

When she was a psychotherapist with anxiety while serving clients who were also struggling despite therapy and coaching, she prayed for better answers. 

After getting certified in Hypnotherapy in 1996, her health and success soared. Since then she’s introduced 7,000+ leaders & businesses to their creative power through her ‘Reinvention to Revenues™’ frameworks.

They grew their influence, sales & revenues, and you can too. 

Like Einstein who harnessed his subconscious mind…your God-given superpowers are just a “blink” away from what your anxious brain is letting you see…

Inside of YOU & your team.

Are you ready to unleash them?

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