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Welcome Mindset Coaches, Healers & Leaders on a Mission!

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Private Coaching

Ignite new purpose & fire in your business.  Step into CLARITY & your next-level of sales leadership. 

Healing Hypnosis

Redirect your inner troops to march confidently TOWARD your DREAMS instead of away from sales rejection. 


Connect with other mindset coaches & scale your business with SIMPLE sales conversations that feel good! 


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Hey there! I’m Darlene Karpaski…I’m a “Recovered” Psychotherapist Turned Sales Success Coach & Hypnotherapist. 

I’ve been blessed to facilitate personal & business transformation for more than 7,000 CEO’s, mindset coaches, entrepreneurs & organizations. 

‘What I’ve learned from their incredible wisdom & heroism...

Everything you want in life is on the other side of an empowered conversation…starting with the one happening inside your head 

Whether they were start ups or multi-million dollar business owners, their sales & income soared when they used my simple ‘Conversations to High-End Clients’ methods. 

Join our ‘Level Up & Receive’ Master Class coming up where I’ll share my proprietary subconscious sales methods publicly for the first time. 


Mindset  Experts  Rocking Sales Community

Are you a Mindset Coach, Healer or Transformational Expert?

Forget about raising your rates just because a guru said so. Listen to your instinctsbecause selling from hype instead of integrity isn’t YOUR thing.

Selling high-end is more fulfilling & FUN once you discover & clearly express your unique “MAGIC.

Our circle is a safe space to think BIGGER than your dreams & turn more CONVERSATIONS into High-End Clients. 


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Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations