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Scale  Your  Business  With  High-Ticket   Sales


I’m so glad you’re here. 

Ready for a simple, soulful, & high-integrity path to your next level? 

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Private Coaching

Discover your “must-have” sales positioning magic, so you can sell high-ticket with love, integrity & complete BELIEF. 

Healing Hypnosis

Transform subconscious emotional & business trauma that’s been blocking you from OWNING your next level. 


Connect with other soul-driven entrepreneurs & scale your business with SIMPLE high-ticket sales conversations.


Would you like your sales team to gain deeper insight the hearts of your dream clients? Ignite their next level now. 


 Your High-Ticket   Sales Foundation

There comes a time in every sensitive soul-driven entrepreneur’s life when you GET that the masculine ‘scramble your circuits’ sales model isn’t worth it.

Despite your struggles you sense there’s a better way to sell high-end services. TRUST yourself…there is. 

If you’re STUCK at an income plateau & sick of sales rejection, bring it in for a warm “been there too” hug.  

That’s why I designed a ‘soul quenching’ sales system that’s helped my clients & I sell well over 10-million dollars of transformational services. 

Grab your MONEY TALK SECRETS E-Course (plus sales hypnosis audio) & get your high-end sales wings back in the sky… stronger, faster & savvier than before.

Your dream clients are waiting!



Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations

Scale  Your  Business  With  Subconscious  Sales  Skills


Hey there! I’m Darlene Karpaski…

“Recovered” Psychotherapist Turned Transformational &  Sales Success Hypnotherapist. 

I’m betting we’re a lot alike…You’re ON FIRE to lead the Mission God, the Universe set you apart for. You’re DONE hitting your upper limits in high-end programs that haven’t helped YOU scale your business fast enough despite taking massive action. 

Over the last 25 years I’ve led healing & business transformation for more than 7,000 leaders, entrepreneurs & organizations who fell between the cracks of broken mindset, mental health, and marketing systems.

What I know for sure is that ‘Next Level You’ is waiting in the wings, but you need a mentor to help you unleash it FULLY. 

My proprietary Higher-Power Hypnosis methods are the fastest & most FUN path to owning a category of your own. 

I can’t wait to empower you to restore your power to prosper. 

Big Love,


High-Ticket   Sales  Mindset  Community

Forget about raising your rates just because a guru said so. Listen to your instincts…because selling from hype instead of love isn’t YOUR thing. 

After clocking over 46,000 hours helping more than 7,000 leaders grow their wealth mindsets, sales & income by unleashing their Subconscious ‘Listening’ Superpowers…

What I know for sure is that selling high-ticket is a hell of a lot more FUN when you can speak their language FLUENTLY.

This circle is a safe space to dream BIGGER, fall in love with your business again, & sell premium programs WITHOUT squashing the perfect Unicorn thing you have going on!

Join us!


You’re just a blink away from the freedom you’ve been praying for.  


Subconscious High-Ticket Sales Conversations