Mental Health & Workplace Productivity

“The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

– David Whyte 

 Are you DONE with low productivity & chronic turnover? 

If resilience, leadership, and talent engagement training hasn’t delivered ROI, you’re not alone. 

Are you a small business owner frustrated with your workplace mental health & productivity?


Day in and out, you try to listen, motivate, and coach them to hit their goals.

Having sat on both sides of the behavioral health & entrepreneur chairs since 1996…



Just a FRACTION OF THEIR BRAIN is in the room.


They’re worried for their kids at school today.

They’re likely struggling with addiction or anxiety, too…

Most don’t want treatment.

Or they’ve had poor results from an outdated, “ill-prepared,” & burned-out system.

That’s my read after training a few thousand Doctors, Therapists & Rehab Coaches in the U.S.


Why should your company & family pay the price?


That’s why it’s critical for you to help your managers stop triggering employees to leave and start triggering them to belong.


Managers who help employees channel their anxiety & pent-up potential (disengagement) will RULE the talent retention game. 


Pacing & leading productivity in high-trauma workforces has been my jam since 1996.


Managers now play a greater role in an employee’s mental health than therapists & families.


Are you ready to capitalize on that?



Client  Love

Two Years Ahead of the Curve...

Your guidance enabled us to be 2 years ahead of the curve while implementing simultaneous organization-wide growth initiatives. The “Listening Circles” you led helped us solve learning & empowerment needs our customers & employees were facing.

The consultation and training you provided helped us heal outdated practices that were sabotaging our relationships with top talent. We were recognized by the State & U.S. for being front-runners in the charge to become Client-Centered Centers of Excellence.

You helped us generate an additional $20K in revenues per month in one business line and save many thousands in employee hiring and turnover issues.

It was an honor working side by side with you to transform our culture in the first work of its kind in Pennsylvania. Your compassion, commitment and genuine way of partnering with us made all the difference in the world.

~ Judy Monahan, CEO, TCV  Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

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