Propel Beyond Competitors…

Two Years Ahead of the Curve…

Your guidance enabled us to be 2 years ahead of the curve while implementing simultaneous organization-wide growth initiatives. The “Listening Circles” you led helped us solve learning & empowerment needs our customers & employees were facing.

The consultation and training you provided helped us heal outdated practices that were sabotaging our relationships with top talent. We were recognized by the State for being front-runners in the charge to become Client-Centered Centers of Excellence.

You helped us generate an additional $20K in revenues per month in one business line and save many thousands in employee hiring and turnover issues.

It was an honor working side by side with you to transform our culture in the first work of its kind in Pennsylvania. Your compassion, commitment. and genuine way of partnering with us made all the difference in the world.

Judy Monahan, CEO, Turtle Creek Valley Behavioral Health

Employees Are In Crisis

As a Psychotherapist turned Intuitive Mental Health Consultant…

Turned business hypnotherapist…

Just because you “see” them doesn’t mean they’re really “there.” 

The world turned upside down.

Hi, I’m Darlene Karpaski.

As entrepreneurs, we spend BIG MONEY to get and keep top talent.

The reason I’ve been Confidant, Advisor & Catalyst for powerful small business owners and leaders.

Whether they were start-up or six & seven-figure operations…

They needed an intuitive edge.

Crisis leadership has never been more CRITICAL.

Leading teams of chronically ill employees is the new normal. 

They’re afraid for their families and kids at school…even Church, today.

That’s why you’re spending BIG MONEY on employee training and sales skills, but their brains CAN’T see, hear, and learn.

Hi, I’m Darlene Karpaski.

Having spent 4 decades training teams of human beings with chronic health & mental health…AKA learning and productivity blocks…

You’re flushing your mind and money until you SET THE STAGE for accelerated growth. 

Real transformational change ripples across every dimension of their lives.

Can you afford to wait for 300+ sessions of therapy to “improve” your team’s productivity? 


I’m the one they call when therapists, coaches, and consultants abandon ship… 

You shouldn’t have to be left holding the bag for failed initiatives.




Set the stage for exponential growth.

It’s not you that’s not good enough.

It’s the “experts” you’re hiring. 

Your team is “in there.”

They need YOU to lock arms with them and lead them to higher ground.

That means OXYGEN mask on YOU first. 

Ready to look over your shoulder & see your team owning productivity & closing sales like clockwork? 

Unleash the Power of the HUMAN Spirit on your team, today.

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