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With Small Business Hypnotherapy 

When You’re YOU…

   You’ll move bigger mountains

Having had PTSD, anxiety, ADHD and chronic illness from birth…

I spent a lot of years listening to “experts” who couldn’t help me. 

As a former psychotherapist, turned intuitive & small business hypnotherapist…

I see small business marriages & businesses failing that could have been saved. ‘

Divorce leads to broken families & the loss of generational health and wealth.

Having grown up in a small business family…I know the cost of divorce on a psyche. 

You make the worst business “investments” and family decisions when family relationships are broken. 

I’ve helped a few thousand leaders evolve their decisions, conversations, and relationships in the last four decades.

Kids, relationships, and employees considered “beyond” help improved quickly. 

They saved their marriages, money and businesses, and you can, too. 

Our work is based on ANCIENT “alternatives” that Jesus & other spiritual leaders handed down to us. 

"Wake The Heroes Within"

Travel at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. Tap the BLUE PILL...I mean blue button and Scale Your Money Game, today.