Take a Breath, You Are In The Right Place.

Hi! I’m Darlene Karpaski.
I’m so glad that you are here. 

I know you want to feel in control of your life again, ignite new passion, and scale your business with ease. Despite anxiety, overwork, and feeling “not enough” you sense there’s more to life and business than working yourself to the bone. 

You want to get out the way & live, love & earn bigger than before with a hell of a lot more ease! 

Here is how I can help you:


Heal Your Past

Heal Relationships

Transform past trauma & loss into your next level of leadership. Ready to live the FULLEST expression of your soul? 

Rock Your Goals

God wired you with subconscious mind power to ROCK your BIG goals without burning out. It’s yours for the taking!

Stop Fighting with your mind

Own Your Worth

Are you ready to step into the energy & story of a new life? Dream bigger than your goals & create your Soul LEGACY. 

Slow down

Unlock Your Genius

Get clear on your DISTINCT genius. The money isn’t made in the sales conversation. It’s made in your sales positioning.  

Say goodbye to masks

Goodbye Invisibility

You’re not holding back because you’re playing small. Reorganize your brain into a bold new EXPRESSION of you. 

Stop just getting by

Money Talk Mastery

Kiss money blocks goodbye for good so you can close more high-ticket sales with LOVE, integrity & complete confidence. 

Yes, you can

You are powerful. You are worthy. You are SO close to the answers to your prayers. 

What if I told you…

  • That business overwhelm, confusion, and imposter syndrome could be a thing of the past? 
  • That right now, you have access to the clarity, energy, and intuition you need to accelerate your sales success?
  • That despite trying many things in the past, you are in the right place, at the right time, right now… 

Because these struggles possess a goldmine of untapped intelligence that can finally help you CLARIFY the purpose you’re here to fulfill. 

You don’t have to stay stuck in the mindset, time, and emotional blocks keeping you from ascending into your six or seven-figure goals. 

Could there be anything more important than unleashing the Bold New Influential Leader that can rock your big-assed goals? 


You are never given a dream without being given the power to make it real. 

-Richard Bach

Client Love

Thank You For Helping Me Find All The Light I had Not Yet Seen

“You’ve helped me think bigger, think higher. I’m able to be significantly more open and honest with my closest family and friends. My relationship with my wife has never been better. 

The mind-mapping techniques have really established a sense of inner calm, removed the chaos/whirlwind from my thinking, and begin to allow me to see what God sees for my world. I haven’t read the fiction novel, “All the light we cannot see,” but the title is fitting for helping to find all the light I had not yet seen.

You’ve opened my eyes to realize things I had not yet seen before. You have helped me find a sense of inner peace and remain rooted in the light of positive energy and flow. As a visionary, I’m usually several steps ahead of my team to see where we need to be. It’s been great to have you several steps ahead of me, to help reinforce/crystallize God’s vision for my world.

I never would have imagined how joyful all of this is coming together. So this is what it means to praise & glorify God’s name, and what happens when I place more of my trust in His will that has already been done for my life.” Greg Bianco, Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), Principal, Financial Advisor at Coastal Equities, Inc.


I’m Nearly Booked Solid & Getting Paid 4 X More!

“Within 3 weeks of using Dar’s simple heart-brain resonance methods & marketing strategy, I signed a new client. By the 4th week, I had 4 new clients and 10 people lined up for enrollment sessions from my services. By the 8th week, I signed 3 more clients and I’m nearly booked solid! I’ve never had this kind of response to my work and I tried every program. I have words that make sense to my prospective clients and now they’re lining up for my upcoming program and people are referring new clients left and right. And clients who aren’t even in my niche! Go figure!

I was so afraid of niching, but now Dar showed me how conveying my unique difference IS my path to more of what I want. I love this and my new website and I’m earning 4 x more than before! 

This program has given me an identity and my friends who’ve seen how my yoga class has exploded have started asking lots of questions about my marketing methods! 

This is not just marketing; it’s helping to heal my soul. I just used Dar’s model of mindset, money relationship, and marketing. It’s the easiest thing to do. Go figure! Dar is a fabulous mentor.” 

~ Mariangela, Yoga Therapist, E-RYT, CPT, PMA®-CPT; Dip. ACFN. 

I More Than Doubled My Income

If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your money-related goals at the fastest speed possible, with a huge smile on your face, then you need Darlene.

Darlene is absolutely amazing. She is patient, understanding and kind. Darlene is incredibly intuitive and she always seems to know what I need in each moment. Even though I can’t say I 100% understand her process, I can tell you it works!

Since starting coaching with Darlene I have more than doubled my income about 11 weeks ago. My weekly average income has gone from $3,550 per week to $7,518 per week.

She has helped me more than double my income in 11 weeks, and it has felt effortless and easy. I would highly recommend Darlene to anyone looking to get serious about achieving their money goals.

Erin Adams

Entrepreneur & Associate Real Estate Broker


An Amazing Business Breakthrough Master

Darlene Karpaski is an amazing business breakthrough master. I had been struggling with how to expand my ideal client target market reach. I felt like I had hit a huge stumbling block, and I couldn’t see my way around it.

Darlene quickly opened my eyes to possibilities and resources that I had never thought of and which were right in front of me. She showed me several simple, creative, and practical strategies that I could immediately implement with ease and confidence.

Thank you, Darlene!

Jeanne Sharbuno, PCC Best Year Yet Business Results Coach and Strategist for Small Business Owners

Jeanne Sharbuno

PCC Best Year Yet Business Results Coach and Strategist for Small Business Owners



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