The Key Is Managing Sales Objections From The Inside Out

Instead of relying on a script, I encourage you to manage your energy as the priority when you’re in the midst of sales objections. Too often, I see talented sales professionals sticking to a script instead of getting really present.

The first thing I help my clients do is diffuse the negative energy around sales objections, so they can short-circuit the fight-flight-freeze brain patterns that get locked in place after experiencing past rejections.

After a number of rejections, it’s easy to automatically operate out of the mental programming that shuts down part of your intelligence when you need it most.

The worst part is when your brain goes into self-protection mode; no matter how hard you consciously try to get past it, you can’t override it completely.

Carol, one of my clients, said: “It’s like I can’t get my mouth to say what I know it needs to say. Instead, words just come out willy-nilly, and I don’t sound like who I really am. I feel like such an imposter.”

But what if you could override it and sail through objections?

You can.

Self-Assessment: Are Sales Objections Really About Money or Your Energy?

Last time, you told someone, “you didn’t have the money” what was holding you back?

Was it about money, or did you sense something else was off?

Did your gut tell you something didn’t add up with the salesperson?

That’s what happens when you speak with prospective clients.

Clients are like interpersonal detectives. They can sense when your energy around asking for money and selling is out of sync (or if you’re covering over feelings of depression or burnout). 

They pick up on subconscious clues that you communicate through your voice tone, pace, gestures, and, most importantly, the place you come from when they’re objecting to money and not having it or enough of it.

Do you know how you feel stressed when you get to the part where you ask for their business?

It’s no wonder. Here’s why.

“Sales objections” trigger a cascade of stress hormones that pour through your mind and body, hijacking your best intentions because your brain has been trained over time to do so.

It’s automatic until you teach your brain some new tricks… like relaxing and creating new chemistry helps you perform like the pro you are!

Create Expansiveness Around Sales Objections

Before you get to your next sales call, create a space of expansiveness that will elevate your confidence and delivery…

…because sales success begins with your own mindset and energy.

One of my tax accountant clients used this process, and I’d like to share a small sample of it.

The Borrowing Brilliance Meditation is foundational to my Influence to Income Program.

It’s a segment of a master hypnotherapy experience that I created to help my clients achieve extraordinary results.

  1. If you want to power it up, use your voice memo and record my words below in your own voice. You can play it back before you go into your next sales conversation.

It won’t be the same as having the full process, but it will infuse you with the powerful energy of money and connect you with your bigger purpose. 

Imagine Oprah Winfrey, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey, or other leaders you admire.

Visualize being in the room next to them.

Feel the energy in the room, see the clothes they’re wearing.

Next,  imagine millions of dollars flowing to them.

Next, visualize money flowing through them and into the world…into the hands of small-town shopkeepers, grocery store clerks, auto dealerships, mortgage lenders, vacation destination employees, and business owners.

As the money flows to them, watch as it trickles down into the educational funds to send their children to school and the lives of all those who will be uplifted by the children and into many generations to follow.

Then imagine your favorite leaders sharing money with the charities and causes they hold dear…partnering with others to create change in healthcare, breakthrough discoveries, and bringing water and education to families in underdeveloped nations.

Then imagine yourself pulling their energy into your heart so this expansive state of wealth anchors inside of you before your next sales call.

Many lives are transformed for the better when you elevate your mindset around money and sales objections because selling is the highest form of service. It gets people to their goals!

When you’re in good rapport with money, it won’t hijack your focus. Instead, you’ll be able to listen with your full presence, show up powerfully, and put sales objections stress in your rearview mirror.

To Your BIG Success

Darlene Karpaski

Creator of the Influence to Income Program

Founder & CEO of Your Mission to Money

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