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Hi, I’m Darlene Karpaski. 

Therapist turned Intuitive Mental Health Trainer…

Turned business hypnotherapist…

I thought I’d seen it all. 


I had just had my best business year.

Then my mom died.

LONG-COVID stole my health & mind. 

People I saw as family said goodbye. 

Entrepreneurs I know didn’t make it out alive. 

Their marriages died.

They went bankrupt. 

Some are homeless.

I watched friends, business owners

…even former Olympian Athletes end their lives.

Their spouses & kids were taken by surprise… 

They cried “I didn’t see the signs.”

The system is BROKEN. 

If it’s to be…it’s up to WE. 


Your family needs YOU not another “expert.”

Protect your family.

Don’t be the next victim in the high-ticket heist.

Join us today. 

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