What Would Be Possible If Your Prosperity Powers Were Set Free?

During the last 30 years of transformational life and business consulting, I’ve seen an epidemic that puts prosperity on the back burner while limiting money B.S. plays out on the stage of smart entrepreneurs’ lives. 

The creators we were born to be gets buried under stress, responsibilities and distracting drama the world wants us to pay attention to.

And more so today in the age of information overload than ever.

I mean how many marketing messages do we see a day?

So how much noise are you up against trying to get seen, heard and hired by your ideal clients? 

I’ve worked with thousands of business owners and leaders who were pulled out of their prosperity power and into the lies, lack, and limits that were passed down for generations in their families. 

These old money and power patterns wreak havoc in their financial lives. They also keep you from forging and nurturing strong amily and business relationships.

And there’s nothing worse than working your ass off only to have invisible ‘trances’ sabotage progress and disrupt your momentum. 

Your Miraculous Mind & Prosperity

The power God wired into your Miraculous Mind…

Is EVER present and available for you to reinvent your life and business into something that feeds your soul and your bank account.

When it comes to owning Prosperity Superpowers, we have some work to do.

And the most sacred work I have ever done is around self-worth and wealth, because it runs deep into who we think we are vs. who we REALLY are. 

I want you to think of your Miraculous Mind as your armor, your creative energy, your love set on fire.

That’s what your ideal clients expect from you. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, we can’t show up as who we’ve always been. 

We’re Called to the Cape of Leadership to Create Prosperity like never before. 

Hauled out of our comfortable sweats and onto the stage of our businesses, we need a new script and soundtrack to be moved by.

We need to BE more than we have ever been and not settle for “that’s just how life is.”

That’s what happened to our parents. And remember when we said: I’m never going to turn into my mother? Or father?

Whoops. I know.

Sometimes when you look in the mirror or hear yourself talk, don’t you hear it coming through? 

Clients who invest premium fees with transformational coaches, entrepreneurs and experts want to FEEL the evidence dripping off of our brow that we have gone to where they want to go.

That we not only know how to do the TACTICAL transformation but we have the ENERGETIC BALLS to get them across their finish lines. 

And by all means if you’re a business coach, don’t think that posting how many digits into a 6-figure business is what today’s clients are after. 

Because there’s a whole Galaxy of us who find that kind of…”hire me because I’m at mid-6-figures a turnoff.”

But hey I did it initially too.

It’s a stage that we go through when we hit success, but it can become a trap that powerful people fall into. Mistaking money as power.

It’s not. It’s energy. 

You got to go bigger and deeper than that. 

Leave and Live a Powerful Prosperity Legacy

As people who take care of the world we don’t dream nearly big enough.

We have a long history of being the wings under other people’s wings & focusing on fulfilling their dreams.

That’s why I like to play the High-Voltage Vision Game where we create hundreds of years into the future. Because let’s face it, we’re used to rising to the occasion for big ass goals so why not for our own? 

I mean who wouldn’t want to leave a legacy of prosperity the likes of which your children would never know without you dreaming bigger than you ever have. 

To unleash Prosperity Power in your life, you just need to know where to look and HOW to look for it.

Because the power you need to catapult over your upper limit is already within you.

If no one else has done so, I’d like to welcome you to the Quantum Field where you can create & receive extraordinary success.

We’ve been waiting for you.

It’s where the bigger game of Prosperity is playing out.


Why Therapy Isn’t Enough to Shift Your Prosperity Prognosis

I wasn’t always transforming lives on the business & prosperity level.

Back in the day, I was a psychotherapist who learned that “talking” about shame and pain anchored more drama. We were unintentionally leading people to create the default future that had been playing out because we were giving energy and attention to the problems.


I knew what it was like to sit on both sides of the therapeutic chair, so when my colleagues told me that my clients were stuck because they didn’t want to get well…it lit a fire in me to DISRUPT the way we had always done things because too many people were falling between the cracks.  

Getting certified as a National Board Certified Hypnotherapist back in 1996 was a game-changer for my clients and me in a way I never expected.

Working with NLP and other neuroscience magic blessed me with the ability to unleash the dormant resources and power within clients who had been trapped in disempowering emotional states, jobs and relationships for years.

I watched clients who were stuck forever QUANTUM leap into their dreams of having MORE happiness, income, success.

And people from all over Allegheny County…Pittsburgh Pennsylvania started sending clients my way.

But here’s the thing: As a master’s level therapist called to serve the hearts, minds and souls of the struggling, my already low income remained stagnant for years.

I found myself working 3 jobs just to stay afloat while caring for my mom and dad long-distance for a quarter of a century.

I worried that I would lose my health again.

My Money, Power & Prosperity Awakening…

I was at a breaking point and I couldn’t keep affirming with my tribe (coworkers, friends in helping professions) that “I wasn’t in it for the money” every passing year with no raise and rising healthcare costs.

I already knew I was in it because of LOVE.

Love is the force that’s driven me my whole life and I know it’s what drives you too!

So, I sat in the chair with someone trained in the transformational work I do and unleashed resources that rushed into my life and created EPIC prosperity breakthroughs:

  • Within 9 months I was invited into an Executive Level Director position…without ever having been a supervisor.
  • My salary more than doubled and I quit the “extra” jobs which allowed me to slow down, breathe and be more present with my family
  • I was invited onto local, state and national stages for the rapid transformation my clients experienced and the business lines that became profitable as a result of becoming client-centered.
  • My speaking fees went from $0 to $1500-$2000 overnight. I suddenly developed a calm and coherent ability to ask for high fees without learning fancy ways to say it. 
  • Suddenly my neurons were firing on a level of genius I didn’t even know I had…Mindset & Influence superpowers that flowed through me to help heal people and their businesses.

When I say that I was “reintroduced to powerful parts of me” that unleashed prosperity on every level is the understatement of a lifetime.

I was running and re-organizing multiple departments to align with the thoughts, needs and language of our clients. Helping clients restore their power, voice and leadership in their services. I was IN LOVE with shifting culture and practices so our clients FELT seen and heard.

And the scars that I carried from knowing what it was like to not have power were healed. 

Powerful people were asking me HOW I created meta-level, practice-based and financial improvements so quickly.

And they were listening…to me in a way they had never listened before. 

That’s why I want to listen to YOU.

To hear you in a way you’ve never been heard so I can hear the voice that remembers who she is. 

To see you in a way you’ve never been seen before so I can witness the YOU that the world needs more of.

And give you back to yourself in a way that integrates your diverse “parts” into a powerful prosperous identity that rocks your business and life like I know you can. 

I’d like to set that Bold New Influential YOU loose on your life and watch the magic you make.

Wanna discover your powerful secret identity?