NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a powerful way to create more meaning & business success.

It’s a body of techniques that communicates and interacts with your own and/or your employee’s subconscious minds more effectively.

In other words, these methods help you connect with prospective clients and employees genuinely.

So often, because we’re busy and have a lot on our minds, we operate on “default,” which means that only a FRACTION of our minds is having a conversation with the person in front of us.

And they can tell!

NLP teaches us a different way of listening to people. It takes us by the hand so we can really hear what people are telling us…the messages hidden between words.

I know that when I used NLP and hypnotherapy to create conversational interventions, my business results and that of my clients took off.

So, for example, let’s say you’re at a networking meeting, and you’ve just met someone, and you strike up a fantastic conversation right out of the gate.

Then when you follow up…and I hope you do, you discover that you can’t pick up where you left off.

But your conscious mind will lead you to believe you can with messages like: “This is so great. We already hit it off!” As a result, you don’t bring your best inner or outer game to the table.

The foundation of NLP is rapport.

Tony Robbins says the most powerful force on the planet is “rapport,” and he’s right.

You’ve got to be able to re-establish rapport in the new conversation without the benefit of seeing his or her gestures or eyes.

Not the best scenario.

NLP Enables You To Gain Deep Rapport

But what would happen if you started listening to whether a prospective client uses more visual, auditory, or kinesthetic language?

  • Visual: Do they “see” what you mean?
  • Auditory: Does what you say “ring” true for them?
  • Kinesthetic: Do they feel “blown away” by what you’re sharing?

Why does this matter?

You won’t want to tell someone about your offer if they are primarily visual. They’ll need to SEE what you’re presenting, so their brain can process it correctly.

Most business owners & sales professionals think that the competition is with other businesses, but often buyer resistance comes up as a response to not speaking THEIR language.

With NLP, you can learn to match their speed and tone of voice, language structure, and even body language (much easier if you are in a video conference in your follow-up vs. a telephone call!).

Instead of quickly saying: “Oh, they had a bad attitude” or some other reason you didn’t get their business, be courageous and look within.

You have more power than you think you do. It’s just a matter of mastering your communication and listening skills…and unlocking your true brilliance in the process!

When you match a prospective client, you’re serving, not selling. That’s a powerful connection and immediate trust!

The methods I teach also change personal lives as a side effect.

Mary said that she not only doubled her energy and signed up more clients in her insurance business but also helped her better understand and connect with her husband.

She credits her new “business” skills with saving her marriage!

If you want to learn more about accelerating your personal and business success, consider booking a chat with me.


Darlene Karpaski

Creator of the Influence to Income Program

Founder of Your Mission to Money