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Are you trying to deliver practical training without subjecting your team to another off-the-shelf sales, resilience or DEI program? Darlene creates bespoke workshops sourced from your people, vision & strategic objectives (and your competition upon request). Your team will get re-energized as they feel seen, heard, and included at the grassroots level. She uses relationship humor to make it an unforgettable experience! By having us laugh out loud at ourselves, she creates a safe space for participants to open their hearts and minds to RECOMMIT to your company purpose.
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Business Transformation Hypnotist & Talent Retention Consultant 

Are you looking for a seasoned business growth expert to help you set the stage for successful change on high burnout teams? 

Darlene Karpaski, MA, NBCCH, shares ‘Relationships to Revenues™’ frameworks that have helped more than 7,000 leaders grow their relationships & revenues since 1996.

Emphasizing peak performance & hypnotherapy focused on how the brain learns she helps leaders turn disengaged employees into company champions. She has been a guest on numerous shows and has been sought out to share her transformational change work on local, state & national stages. 

Email Dar@YourMissionToMoney.com to discuss booking her for a 2, 4 or 6 hour training day. 

Since 1996, Darlene has trained small business owners & multi-million dollar organizations to tap into their subconscious minds to grow their happiness, influence, and revenues. 

She blends Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, Mental Health Recovery, NLP & her proprietary Self-Image Reset™ hypnosis method into transformational experiences that open new doors in employee and leaders hearts.




60 to 90 minutes, highly interactive sessions customized to your business and goals.

1/2 – to two-day skill – emotional capacity building sessions, customized to your growth milestones.

55-minute, highly-interactive sessions customized for your teams’ experience and your goals.


Receive critical follow up with your leadership team to deepen the integration and naturally embed it into your CQI processes. Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic materials give leadership and employees the tools they need to integrate learning & implement change faster in your company.

Would you like to have Darlene speak to your team or organization? Submit a request and a member of her team can provide you with a speaker kit and additional information!

Speaking Topics

  • Rapid Resilience Reset – Heal burnout in yourself & your team. Nourish a thriving employee community that inspires NEW purpose & productivity without high-pressure hype.  
  • CEO FLOW– Create FLOW between managers, employees & board of directors. Get everyone on the same page & implement initiatives faster.
  • Momentum – Revisit your values & vision during seasons of change. Course correct where needed & renew momentum.
  • Elevate – Would you like to develop NEW TOP TALENT? Contact me to facilitate a transformational ‘Learning Circle’ Workshop” to foster faster organic company growth.

  • Evolve – Uncover hidden “pockets” of new creativity & nurture it. Put a RELATIONSHIP renewal strategy (that grows people into more meaningful roles) at the HEART of your talent attraction & retention strategy. 
  • Engage – Keep your employees and business thriving through change, mergers, layoffs, and growth initiatives.

  • Relationships to Revenues – Talent isn’t a numbers game. It’s a relationship game. Use a Relationship-Centered Talent Retention Strategy to win employees hearts for the long game. 

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Darlene Karpaski | Business Influence Hypnotist | Life Strategist


Darlene Karpaski is a seasoned Human Performance Hypnotist & Employee Productivity Consultant. Having worked with thousands of clients for nearly 3 decades – from startups to medium-sized companies, Darlene has intimate mastery of the interpersonal & emotional pitfalls that need addressed to set the stage for rapid organizational growth. Her clients include purpose-driven CEO’s, executives, healthcare companies, healthtech companies, mindset experts, coaches, business coaches, wealth managers, government leaders, high-end sales professionals, small businesses and multi-million-dollar organizations


Alternate Bio: 

Darlene Karpaski is a seasoned Influence Expert who specializes in helping companies unleash untapped potential & lead courageous conversations that grow employee relationships and revenues.

She has helped thousands of clients and mindset experts for nearly 3 decades to breakthrough mental health and business growth challenges to create lives & businesses they love.