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Darlene has clocked over 46,000 hours helping thousands of leaders unleash their subconscious superpowers so they can live more, sell more, and fall in love with their businesses again!

As a Sales Hypnotherapist since 1996, Darlene teaches you how to use your subconscious mind to come FROM success instead of trying to incrementally ‘get there’ through conscious will power alone. She’ll teach you exactly where clients are selling themselves so you can stop unselling them without even knowing it. 

She helps her clients heal Sales Rejection Syndrome, so they can ditch the anxiety and low self-worth that sabotages their sales success.  That means they get to quantum leap into their next level of greatness and income while having FUN.

She blends neuroscience, NLP, Transformational Hypnotherapy, and her proprietary Money Talk Secrets Sales Mastery Methods into experiences that allow her audiences to cut through prospects inner resistance & shift them into empowered decision-makers. 

Her proprietary systems shows entrepreneurs and teams how to bond rapidly through the power of love in their messaging and sales conversations.  

As a Business Transformation Expert & Intuitive Darlene has helped her clients discover their own unique positioning so they can stand out in a SPHERE OF THEIR OWN.  They gain deep clarity into the leadership they were uniquely set apart to bring the world so they can take their missions to the moon.  



Are you trying to deliver practical sales skills training without subjecting your team to another off-the-shelf program?

I work with clients to create unique talks and workshops that tie into your strategic objectives and recharge the team even as they learn and practice.

Love and Selling makes for an entertaining look at sales that really makes everyone who sells for a living reconsider their current habits. She uses lots of dating and relationship humor to make it memorable!


30 to 90 minutes, highly interactive sessions customized to your business and moment in time.

1/2 – to two-day skill – building sessions, customized to your sales process and milestones.

55-minute, highly-interactive knowledge-building sessions customize for your teams’ experience and acumen.


Receive critical follow up with your leadership team to deepen the integration and naturally embed it into your sales managers CQI processes. 

Would you like to have Darlene speak to your team or organization? Submit a request and a member of her team can provide you with a speaker kit and additional information!

Speaking and media

Speaking Topic Ideas:

  • Connect to your business on an emotional & spiritual level – The feelings that we feel in our everyday lives do not stay separate from our businesses. When we clarify our personal mission, identify the people who we want help, and how we want to help them, we create a structure in which to keep our focus alive, set and keep priorities, and build a practice of intentionally reaching our goals.
  • Raise Your Wealth-Esteem – Discover how practicing gratitude is the key to unlocking your self-worth and abundance mindset.
  • Connecting to Your Ideal Client – Learn how to identify who you want to serve and why.
  • Who Am I? – Discover your core values and how to operationalize them to guide your decisions and success.
  • Leading from Love – Discover how operating from love helps to build feelings of confidence and success in yourself and your team.
  • Clarify Your Mission – Learn how to clarify your mission, who you want to serve, and scale your business with ease. 
  • Choosing Influential Language – Learn to use your language to your advantage by choosing language aligned with your goals.