The Silent Epidemic of Depression in Leaders & Business Owners

Depression in the super-successful.

Is that real?

It’s more real than you can imagine.

The executives and entrepreneurs who seek me out for my blend of success hypnotherapy and life strategy to get their lives and careers on track often share how lonely and unsupported they feel.

For some of them, the constant drive is invigorating until it isn’t.

Like right after a divorce, losing a loved one, job change, illness, diagnosis or another adverse life event. 

Is It Safe to Talk About Depression and Anxiety?

It took me years to open up about my history of depression and anxiety. That’s why I deeply get how isolating it can feel for business owners always to have to put big smiles on their faces to hide their daily struggles. 

It’s a risk-sharing vulnerability for fear that customers won’t feel comfortable investing in you if you have any kind of weakness.

So you put one face forward in public.

And another face shows up in your family life. 

Been there and done that. 

And worked with thousands of people who have battled the cumulative effect of loss and trauma on their lives. 

Just yesterday, I was on the phone with one of my clients, who is a senior-level administrator for a tech company out West.

He felt angry and misunderstood as the people around him told him to:

Face up to his emotions head-on instead of burying them.

Then promptly pulled away from him when he shared what he felt like.

His dad died 9 months ago and it’s been downhill since.

He said, “this one hit me harder than any of them.”

He described having difficulty concentrating and following through on things he KNEW had to happen. But didn’t have the motivation to act consistently. 

A therapist told him he needed to find healthy ways to deal with his loss. My client said: “If I knew how to do that, I  wouldn’t be sitting here.”

Disappointed, he felt that the Counselor should have spent more time getting to know him and his current situation.

Instead, the therapist directed him to write a story about how he wanted to kill himself when he was 12 years old, so he (the therapist) could better understand what it was like for him. 

Note: This client was NOT suicidal. But the therapist brought it up since it was listed in his history.

Do you see where I’m going here? 


Just wow.

Been to those painful sessions and NO THANK YOU.

Transformation is not about digging up the past but having the tools to take people from HERE to the next level of life.

Many believe in this “Fix the past; THEN you can move forward” model.

But what we focus on GROWS!

That’s just how our subconscious and the universe rolls. 

Leaders Want a New Way to Heal from Depression & Anxiety 

Unfortunately, therapy and other traditional helping models have been intensely focused on pain, suffering, and loss.

And that is the antithesis of how those of us who had early childhood trauma know how to roll. 

We have already EXPRESSED our pain by shoving our full focus into our work lives and making big shit happen.

Action is what we DO.

Talking “about” life or professional issues doesn’t move the needle far enough or fast enough to keep our attention.  

We want relief and transformation that comes packaged as a reconnection with loved ones, a renewing of our minds, and a reconnection to faith in our lives. 

So that we don’t feel like our asses are hanging out in the wind while we shoulder responsibilities in every corner of our lives. 

We don’t have time to return and relive trauma or take 3-5 years to heal. 

That reminds me of Max.

I met with Max for a series of sessions to help him bring closure to his dad’s death.

Then we turned our attention to integrating his father’s strengths into his life.

Instead of turning away from death, we turned toward it and said “yes” to the gifts he wanted to carry into his life and business. He couldn’t grow his business when he was only experiencing the pain of the loss. 

When the gifts of loss are not carried forward, they back up like a plugged sink that can’t RECEIVE.

Once that was opened up, Max saw his relationships get closer and a newfound feeling of peace that allowed him to focus and execute at work. He described now having the sense that his Dad was working with him side by side. 

And from working in this field for over 30 years, I can tell you that with powerful methods like success hypnotherapy, NLP, and transformational coaching…no one needs to go back into suffering to create new levels of happiness and success.

In fact, going back into suffering can keep you CAPTIVE to repeating patterns that create pain and loss in your life, no matter how hard you work to avoid it. 

That’s an old-school model steeped in the mistaken belief that you must go back and fix the past BEFORE you can have a happy future. 

I spent years on that in my own life – therapy for more than 15 years before I got set free from that BOX.

That’s why I’m on fire helping my brothers and sisters see the wealth of abundance God has on the other side of that box. 

Success Hypnotherapy Turns Depression Into Decision Points

To turn traumatic life events into powerful decision points, you need to ask different questions:

  • What if you could access the wisdom held within the state of suffering we call” depression”? 
  • How can you harness the power of your inner voices to grow your happiness, health, and wealth?

If I can do it and my clients, too, so can you. 

Remember the definition of insanity? 

Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result? 

That’s the key.

You KNOW, despite your depression, that there’s a better way.

A choice that could open up more freedom.

Or you wouldn’t have tried everything you’ve already done.

So, if you’re ready to lean over the edge of what you know to find out what else is possible for you…reach out to me and schedule a Powerful You consult. 

It’s time to set yourself free.

Don’t let depression rule your life because a bolder, wiser you is waiting in the wings.