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Darlene is a voice of reason in a marketing world that is full of emotional language that can distract you, and unfocus you.

Her calm nature, keen assessment of your pain point, and her vast experience supports you on multiple levels. In one conversation she assessed a major area where my language was not focused correctly and set me on a corrected path.

She showed me that I needed to change the angle from which I was writing and speaking so that I could connect with my audience better. One thing that changes everything! Thanks, Darlene!

Esther Shelley

Powerful Local Leads Coach

I’ve Seen a Turnaround In the Ownership Clients Take in Our Work Together

Thank you for being here for me and helping me transition into working successfully in private practice. I heard about you through a colleague at a time when I needed guidance. When I was working on engaging clients, my style was straightforward and to the point. Since working with you, I’ve come to realize that straightforward does not bode well for getting clients.

You helped me to soften my approach and shift my language to better match their psychology. The result? My income increased by 60% in 7 weeks!

I’ve seen a real turnaround in the ownership clients take in our work together as result of learning and using your approaches. You also helped me soften the delivery in my personal life as well. Your consulting with me, Darlene, has been an extremely valuable experience. I can feel myself changing and growing in my professional and personal life. I am becoming a softer, gentler yet more assertive person who is able to be more open and aware of how to structure my sessions for maximum value to my clients. The income boost is a blessing.

B. Thompson

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC Addiction Specialist

“I was very surprised at how much Dar was able to help me in such a short amount of time. I’ve been very confident in my practical knowledge around helping clients, but not so confident in my delivery. After Dar’s help, I immediately felt more grounded and present in my consults, and more connected to my clients.

She quickly gave me a huge boost in overcoming my fears of, “What if I run out of things to say or talk about? What if my client doesn’t resonate with the things I say?”. Instead of worrying about what could go wrong (which Dar helped me realize was me just worrying about myself), she helped me to focus more on my clients and their needs, which allowed me to connect more and help on a deeper level.

And as a bonus, Dar’s ability to calmly, yet intentionally guide me through a consult is so inspiring and served as an excellent model of how I’d like to be with my clients. I’d highly recommend working with Dar! It’s truly a pleasure working with her and I really felt so supported and cared about.”

Andrew Sartory

Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner Sartory Functional Wellness , Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Alcohol-Free Finally

I hired Darlene after being in rehabs a few times. To say that I pray to never go back is an understatement. You go in and expect to be treated with respect.

Instead, you’re forced into what you’ve already told them doesn’t work for YOU. Darlene hooked me up with nutritional support along with hypnotherapy.  

Being alcohol-free doesn’t mean I’m abstinent…hard to do in sales. Booze is everywhere. I drink about 60% less now and don’t crave it like I used to. I’m free because I have better ways to refocus my ADHD mind and handle stress. I haven’t felt this good or this close to my family in 10 years. If you hate all the powerless over and other AA drama, call Dar. 

Allen J


If You’re Burned Out You Need to Experience Dar

I was not only skeptical but resistant to the idea that I could heal from the trauma I experienced growing up. It never mattered. I just lived with it using standard therapy and anti-depressants.

As a Psychologist serving hundreds of distressed clients a year I didn’t realize that I was slipping deeper into depression until my mom died. That’s when I started planning to end my life. I was at the end of my rope when I was referred to Dar. Thank God I found her because she saved my life and my marriage which was falling to pieces.

Words fall short of expressing the gratitude I feel everyday for the happiness and love I now experience. If you’re burned out from serving others you need to experience Dar and her healing magic.

Dr. Pete

I More Than Doubled My Income & More Time With My Family

“With everything I’ve learned and integrated through Dar, for the first time in 8 years I feel whole. I feel like I went from kindergarten marketing to celebrity style. I can share my unique difference…I work with corporate mom’s struggling with out of control teenagers, so they can restore order, connection & leadership without force.

Dar is a powerhouse spiritual and business transformation expert that pulled my multitude of gifts together into a “must have” offer. She also helped me step up into a higher-end client base that helped me more than double my income while spending more time with my husband and kids. We practically eliminated social media for marketing!

Denise J.


Thank You For Giving Me My Life Back

I am soo happy !! My life is perfect ! Like never in my life. I just keep dripping with praise for the Lord and the simple perfect life I have right here right now. No lack. No worries… just trust and faith and awe!

God is good. Life is perfect !! Thank you for giving me my life back after losing my brother.

Dr. Melaney

I Can Still Hear Her Voice Helping Me Find My Way Through

Thanks to Darlene, I was able to become a coach, teacher, and facilitator of change. Our group training was incredibly powerful. I didn’t just learn skills. I learned to lead from Spirit and it made my whole life better. I left that experience a transformed person. I not only learned powerful business leadership skills but how to move my entire life in an amazing direction. Anytime I get stuck, I just think to myself: “(WWDDN) “What would Dar do now?” I can still hear her voice helping me find my way through!

Sally Johnson