Emotional Resilience Isn’t Just For Other Leaders!

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What does emotional resilience have to do with your ability to make a difference & be financially free at the same time? Everything. Emotional resilience is the underbelly of success.

For professionals & entrepreneurs who have physical or mental health vulnerabilities, the struggles of wearing many hats and experiencing multiple business roadblocks can be daunting.

For myself and many clients I’ve served, having chronic health issues keeps you in a state of anxiety “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Then when you add work/business stress to the equation, it multiplies the burden on your nervous system.

But there are 3 things you can do now, to reclaim your inner peace and ability to bounce back better than ever.

#1: Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience To Ward Off “Negative Nellies”

According to Sherrie Campbell author of “15 Traits of Emotionally Wealthy People:”

“The emotionally wealthy have a deep inner strength. They are aware that as they become more successful they will encounter a host of mean, jealous and cruel people. The more motivated they are to change the world, the more they seek to succeed, to make a difference in the lives of others and reach their full potential, the more of these low-level haters will surface.”

ACTION STEP: Next time someone shares their negativity with you, take a deep breath and ask this question to strengthen your emotional resilience and confidence: “I am here to make a difference. Will focusing on their negativity take me closer or further away from doing so?”

What we focus on grows.

Emotional resilience comes from choosing to focus ONLY on that which serves the purpose you’re here to fulfill.

#2: Cultivate Emotional Resilience With Mindful Breathing

When I was training teams of professionals in the mental healthcare industry to have more influence and facilitate recovery for those seeking help, I met hundreds of doctors, nurses, therapists, secretaries and coaches who were experiencing vicarious trauma.

It’s no wonder because they were smack dab in the midst of serving trauma victims and severely mentally ill clients. They were constantly exposed to massive stress that they couldn’t stop thinking about when they went home.

Sound familiar?

You’re in a pressure cooker of stress everyday and it rubs off on you.

I understood this on a personal level having been diagnosed with PTSD. That’s why I do powerful mind-centering methods at the beginning and end of every session I hold with my clients.

There is an epidemic of stress-induced mental and physical conditions that can rob you of the impact and income you’re meant for. You’re not invincible.

If you think you don’t have time – yes, I saw you heading for the exits – You do have time. Take it from someone who got disabled several times BEFORE getting the message.

You can either take the time to take care now when you’re free to choose how you do that OR you can be forced to take care of yourself, unable to work and in a weakened state.

I have a bigger vision for you than that and I know God, the Universe does, too!

Besides, with what I teach you can do this work in just minutes a day.

ACTION STEP: Take 1 minute. Breath deep all the way down to your belly to the count of 4 in through your nose. Hold for 1 second and then exhale twice as slowly through your mouth to the count of 8 as if you’re blowing through a thin straw.

After doing this for 1-minute you will have reset your brain chemistry to relax and become more receptive.

The key: When your physiology supports your goals, you reach them more quickly.

Done 4-6 times a day, you can double or triple your productivity.

Naturally, taking 2 minutes will multiply your results – but HEY, I don’t want to go crazy here!

And yes, you will have higher performance and better decision-making by cultivating emotional resilience you can rely on when the unexpected pops up.

More energy.

Less mistakes.


#3: Emotional Resilience: Self-Love & Financial Freedom

In this article Kate Northup, Author of “Money: A Love Story”  talks about getting out of debt with 4 mindfulness practice. Her words really struck me because they tell the story of how I shifted out of mountains of debt through love…the ultimate emotional resilience arsenal.

“It wasn’t until I connected loving myself with financial self-care that I started to make progress. Up until that point I thought that if I beat myself up enough about past financial mistakes I would pay off my debt. Then I realized that my lack of financial awareness was directly related to a tendency to keep myself small.”

ACTION STEP: Stop beating yourself up! It doesn’t work and it creates a negative feedback loop in your brain that wires you to keep making the same financial mistakes even when you try with all your might not to!

Kate Northrup goes on to say:

“So, I figured if I connected financial awareness with self-love and self-care that maybe it would work. And it did! Very soon after I made that connection I got major traction and was able to pay off my debt in one fell swoop. I doubled both my income and my savings, I fell in love, and I got a book deal! Love, especially for yourself, is the most critical ingredient for making lasting change in any area of your life.”

ACTION STEP: Get help with your business. You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, great things in life are never accomplished in isolation…they are accomplished when any two or more are gathered…

Listen to how Eddie started reprogramming himself for success and how you can too:  Reprogram Your Mind for Financial Success

The people you’re meant to serve, your family and you will benefit from the emotional resilience you cultivate within yourself today.

To Your Phenomenal Success,

Darlene Karpaski

Creator of the Influence to Income Program

Founder & CEO of Your Mission to Money