Unlock Next-Level Business & Sales Influence 

“The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

– David Whyte 

 You Have Sales  Conversation Tactics…

Now let’s superpower your energy, confidence & influence with hypnosis-driven ease.


Business Hypnosis Brain Energy


Evolve your success “programs.” Tap into new CLARITY & unlock new potential.

Business Coach Praying


Notice & leverage nuances other sales consultants miss with subconscious INTUITION.

Med Tech Manager and Software Developer


Equip sales teams to win more sales with ease using hypnosis & conversational leadership.

Med Tech Change Management

Win Their Loyalty

Re-engage burned-out teams in HEALTHY change. Win their hearts for the long game.

Med Tech Manager and Software Developer

Competitive Edge

Give Sales Reps trauma-informed skills to gain the trust they need to get seen, heard & hired.


Stop just getting by

Team Resilience

Equip leaders to help struggling talent BOUNCE BACK faster & regain momentum.

Whether “selling” to family, talent or prospects…EVOLVING your influence is key.


What if you’re only scratching the surface of your God-given greatness, while mistakenly thinking you’re NOT ENOUGH?

– Darlene Karpaski 

Client  Love

Two Years Ahead of the Curve...

Your guidance enabled us to be 2 years ahead of the curve while implementing simultaneous organization-wide growth initiatives. The “Listening Circles” you led helped us solve learning & empowerment needs our customers & employees were facing.

The consultation and training you provided helped us heal outdated practices that were sabotaging our relationships with top talent. We were recognized by the State & U.S. for being front-runners in the charge to become Client-Centered Centers of Excellence.

You helped us generate an additional $20K in revenues per month in one business line and save many thousands in employee hiring and turnover issues.

It was an honor working side by side with you to transform our culture in the first work of its kind in Pennsylvania. Your compassion, commitment and genuine way of partnering with us made all the difference in the world.

~ Judy Monahan, CEO, TCV  Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

I’ve Sold More in 3 Months Than the Previous Year...

“I feel amazing, hopeful, energized. The crazy part is I’ve sold in 3 months than I have in the last year. I didn’t see how to put faith to work in my work. All the emotional baggage from the last few years crippled me. Immediately after our first few weeks, anxiety at a level 2 from 10. Reduced meds and on my way to zero.

I LOVE feeling present, inspired and faithful. I feel like the light meant to come through me is shining bright and clients are responding! They say there’s something different about me than other financial planners. I know they feel my faith!

The best part is how our sessions and my renewed faith have helped my husband and kids feel so much closer. I never told them about our influential conversation coaching but you’ve given me the words and energy to grow our love. We really needed that. Thank you!”

Sharon D.

Edward Jones

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