Burnout.  Who?  Me?

Yes, I’m talking to you…about burnout!

As a CEO, you’re working as hard as possible to achieve your goals, but what about the high price you’re paying for your quality of life and health?

Little time with family and friends makes even the perkiest of us feel deprived and buried by an avalanche of demands.

But what if you could access the focus and energy you need to reach your goals gracefully and easily?

I mention this to you because most of the CEOs & brilliant professionals I work with are passionate service providers with a big vision and mission…but are applying only 10% of their full brain potential (their conscious minds) to achieve goals.

If you’ve been feeling a little crispy around the edges, now you know why.

According to HR Executive

“In a survey of several thousand senior leaders, the organization found an alarming rate of burnout: 72% of leaders polled reported being burned out. In particular, the majority reported being “somewhat” burned out, followed by “slightly,” “moderately” and “extremely.”

Burnout doesn’t happen because you’ve exhausted…your energy, time, and intelligence.

Yes, more time, energy, and money are beyond the subconscious filters that keep you entrenched in a “lack mentality.”

Burnout results from trying to achieve goals by sheer force, long exhausting hours, and willpower…instead of enlisting the power of your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals more quickly.

Using hypnotherapy and other mind-body tools, I help C-Suite & entrepreneurs discover how to get much more done in less time.

I know you’re thinking, “but I don’t have time to do this.”

Those were my sentiments exactly.  Taught to be a workaholic like my dad and wild, red-headed mother, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

Here’s the thing: I was told I would be disabled for life when I was just 21 years old. Then again, when I was 35 years old for two different illnesses.

Mom was a nurse her whole life and worked long and crazy hours.  She not only hit burnout at age 50, but two years later, she was completely disabled.

She warned me not to do what she did, but the subconscious programming had me by the brain and butt.

You never think it could happen to you, but at the same time, you hear those nagging thoughts say, “something has got to give.  I can’t keep going this way.”

We know.

Our bodies tell us.

But we ignore all the messages that are trying to prevent us from experiencing burnout or worse.

I’m not telling my story to scare you but to wake you out of the self-defeating trance that’s making you work much harder than you need to.

TRUTH TIME: You’re not tapping into your FULL potential.

You’re trying to do a drag race with a Big Wheel instead of a souped-up 8-cylinder road warrior!

Stop sacrificing your quality of life and health.

I know I couldn’t do it on my own either…that’s what led to my 2nd health crisis. Stubborn like a mule – the ongoing funny in our family!

It’s just that you can’t make subconscious shifts with your conscious mind…by simply deciding.

You’ve got to learn how to sneak past the filters that keep you hitting the same upper limits.

The wear and tear come from pushing your car up the track instead of accessing the amazing force between your two ears.

Instead of burning out, what if you could LIGHT UP?

Imagine ONE thing that lights you up from the inside out.

Now hang out with that feeling for at least 60 seconds.

Let it wash over you and bathe your mind in healing endorphins that re-energize and nourish your soul.

This is why I LOVE helping passionate business owners & professionals flip those inner switches and unleash their full potential.

You have massive inner resources waiting to support you in every dimension of your life.

It’s like watching the most beautiful fireworks on the planet!

Lighten up from the inside so you can achieve your goals more easily!

If you want to finally kiss burnout goodbye and tap into your God-given power to succeed, I have an idea.

Contact me for a private Success Consultation so we can re-balance your brain for success & create a clear roadmap to your desired destination.

It’s so much fun kissing “burnout” goodbye!

BIG Blessings!

Darlene Karpaski

Creator of the Influence to Income Program

Founder & CEO of Your Mission to Money