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Branding & Sales 

I’m Achieving In Ways Previously Unimagined

If you are getting in your way. If you are blocked. If you feel like you have hit a wall in your progression. If you want to take your life & business to the next level. Better Call Dar.

After working with Dar, I’m in tune with my higher calling and producing and achieving in ways previously unimagined. In many areas, I’m doing things I’ve not been able to do before and showing up – literally – in new ways, where it counts.

Darlene ‘hears’ me in a way no other counselor or coach ever has. Meet her halfway, and Dar will guide you – coach you – through to new higher-achieving and/or more fulfilling levels.

And a funny thing happens as a result of this process: New opportunities are constantly opening up and presenting themselves. It’s the true state of the entrepreneur, and Darlene helped me get there.

Kathy Snyder

President, KJ Snyder LTD

I’m Blown Away By Everything You Created For Us

Thank you, Darlene. You’re seriously so kind and so amazing! I’ve needed to let you know that I’m blown away by everything you’ve created! And overwhelmed with gratitude. You’re a true Master of the form. I stand in awe of your expertise, your passion and your vision. They’re just what the doctor ordered. I’m so excited and so confident about where you’re taking us. And so thankful, that you’re sharing your wonderful gifts with us, with our little labor of love, and with the many, many, many people we hope to help with it. Thank you so much again.

James Bastian

Entrepreneur, Dr. Help Books, Screenwriter, Producer & Creative Consultant

Thank You For Helping Me Find All the Light I Had Not Yet Seen

“You’ve helped me think bigger, think higher. I’m able to be significantly more open and honest with my closest family and friends. My relationship with my wife has never been better.

The mind-mapping techniques have really established a sense of inner calm, removed the chaos/whirlwind from my thinking, and begin to allow me to see what God sees for my world. I haven’t read the fiction novel, “All the light we cannot see,” but the title is fitting for helping to find all the light I had not yet seen.

You’ve opened my eyes to realize things I had not yet seen before. You have helped me find a sense of inner peace and remain rooted in the light of positive energy and flow. As a visionary, I’m usually several steps ahead of my team to see where we need to be. It’s been great to have you several steps ahead of me, to help reinforce/crystallize God’s vision for my world.

I never would have imagined how joyful all of this is coming together. So this is what it means to praise & glorify God’s name, and what happens when I place more of my trust in His will that has already been done for my life.” I’m very grateful Michael pointed me in your direction.

Greg Bianco

Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), Principal, Financial Advisor, Coastal Equities, Inc.

“As a Nurse who wanted to transition out of traditional healthcare, I knew that getting paid for single Reiki sessions would never be enough to live on.

Darlene came highly recommended, so I hired her.

I couldn’t be happier. She helped me find & focus my unique gifts into a comprehensive, high value group-coaching program. I’m over the moon having 9x my fees through her Sacred Money Mindset & Branding methods.

My program includes energy medicine, Reiki and holistic cancer coaching and it was easy to sell for $5,700!

I don’t know what I would do without Darlene’s compassionate leadership and the powerful relationship we have developed.

I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Bonnie Sharpnack

BSN, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Reiki Master Teacher

Position Your Gifts For More Financial Freedom

“If you want to discover how to stop unintentionally sabotaging your success by clearing limiting beliefs about self/money and position your gifts for more financial freedom then Your Mission to Money with Darlene Karpaski is the best!”

Bret Gregory

Chief Customer Attraction Officer, Attract Customers Now

Branding & Sales 

In 8 Weeks, I’m Nearly Booked Solid

“Within 3 weeks of using Dar’s simple heart-brain resonance methods & marketing strategy, I signed a new client. By the 4th week, I had 4 new clients and 10 people lined up for enrollment sessions from my services. By the 8th week, I signed 3 more clients and I’m nearly booked solid! I’ve never had this kind of response to my work and I tried every program. I have words that make sense to my prospective clients and now they’re lining up for my upcoming program and people are referring new clients left and right. And clients who aren’t even in my niche! Go figure!

I was so afraid of niching, but now Dar showed me how conveying my unique difference IS my path to more of what I want. I love this and my new website and I’m earning 4 x more than before!

This program has given me an identity and my friends who’ve seen how my yoga class has exploded have started asking lots of questions about my marketing methods!

This is not just marketing; it’s helping to heal my soul. I just used Dar’s model of mindset, money relationship, and marketing. It’s the easiest thing to do. Go figure! Dar is a fabulous mentor.”

Mariangela Mancuso

Yoga Therapist, E-RYT, CPT, PMA®-CPT;, Dip. ACFN. Chronic Lyme Recovery

I contacted Darlene because I needed more clients. I wanted but was not sure how to attract clients open to the kinds of healing work I do.

My website, at the time, did not convey a clear picture of who I am, as a healing practitioner. Darlene not only helped me learn valuable tools to bring more clients in, she also helped me to reconnect with what I love about being a therapist. I now have a greater sense of “what I bring to the table” when working with my clients. I am now focused on where I want to take my work and know how to present what I do in a way that clearly addresses the needs of my clients.

With a search engine optimized website, clients can now find me! I finally have an unlimited source of clients.

I’m looking forward to working with Darlene on building passive income streams that support my goal of a portable coaching practice that I can “take with me” on my travels around the world.

Margot McClellan

LCSW, Psych-K and Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master

I’ve More Than Doubled My Income in 11 Weeks

If you are looking for someone to help you achieve your money-related goals at the fastest speed possible, with a huge smile on your face, then you need Darlene.

Darlene is absolutely amazing. She is patient, understanding and kind. Darlene is incredibly intuitive and she always seems to know what I need in each moment. Even though I can’t say I 100% understand her process, I can tell you it works!

Since starting coaching with Darlene I have more than doubled my income about 11 weeks ago. My weekly average income has gone from $3,550 per week to $7,518 per week.

She has helped me more than double my income in 11 weeks, and it has felt effortless and easy. I would highly recommend Darlene to anyone looking to get serious about achieving their money goals.

Erin Adams

Real Estate Broker

The Investment Was Nothing Compared to the ROI

“A few years ago, I booked a half day profitable practice assessment with Dar to review and plan to scale my business. That 4-hour session + the follow up consultations have proven to be one of the most valuable of my life.

The knowledge I gained about gaps in my strategy and the plan created during our time together helped my company generate an additional $150K in revenue. She literally transformed how my team sells. She helped us access & leverage the hidden talent our team had. The investment was nothing compared to the ROI we received in return.”

Richard S.

Business Owner

I’ve Sold More in 3 Months Than the Previous Year

“I feel amazing, hopeful, energized. The crazy part is I’ve sold in 3 months than I have in the last year. I didn’t see how to put faith to work in my work. All the emotional baggage from the last few years crippled me. Immediately after our first few weeks, anxiety at a level 2 from 10. Reduced meds and on my way to zero.

I LOVE feeling present, inspired and faithful. I feel like the light meant to come through me is shining bright and clients are responding! They say there’s something different about me than other financial planners. I know they feel my faith!

The best part is how our sessions and my renewed faith have helped my husband and kids feel so much closer. I never told them about our influential conversation coaching but you’ve given me the words and energy to grow our love. We really needed that. Thank you!”

Sharon D.

Edward Jones

Darlene Karpaski is an amazing business breakthrough master. I had been struggling with how to expand my ideal client target market reach. I felt like I had hit a huge stumbling block, and I couldn’t see my way around it. Darlene quickly opened my eyes to possibilities and resources that I had never thought of and which were right in front of me. In a span of 20 minutes, she showed me several simple, creative, and practical strategies that I could immediately implement with ease and confidence.

Thank you, Darlene!

Jeanne Sharbuno, PCC Best Year Yet Business Results Coach and Strategist for Small Business Owners

Jeanne Sharbuno

PCC Best Year Yet Business Results Coach and Strategist for Small Business Owners

I Went from $125K to $265K

I was very clear about what I wanted my life to be. I just kept sabotaging myself from even getting close to making it happen. She took me back and showed me how to release the ‘survival’ and anxiety programming that kept me from achieving bigger goals. She showed me how to turn my emotional sensitivities into strengths that shielded me from the chaos at work. Now I’m finally the master instead of being a slave to anxiety. Financially, I’ve never been better. After closing the books this year, unleashing a ‘bold new personal brand’ helped me go from $125K last year to $265K. Thank you, Dar!

D. T.

Real Estate Broker

My Income Grew 55% This Year 

I felt incredibly burned out when I was referred to Dar. In one short call, she SAW me. She understood why I was invisible. I had a unique skillset that didn’t “fit” into traditional niches. Over a year she helped me unleash the leader that was dying to come alive. I’ve never done marketing and sales like this. It’s not selling! Using her “Reinvention to Revenues” formulas, my income grew by 55% this year WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA.

Marcy L. Leadership Coach

If You Want to Make the Best Investment in Your Business Growth…

Working with Darlene was a wonderful experience. From the very first session, I shifted out of feeling overwhelmed to feeling peaceful and empowered.

A powerful shift in my business occurred as well. Potential clients starting contacting me and signing up to work with me.
She also gave me tools I can use when I need extra support.
She radiates love, compassion and deeply cares for her clients.I never experienced such wonderful support. If you want to make the best investment in your business growth, I highly recommend Darlene.

Dr. Ilona Berkoben

I Discovered My Soul Niche

Armed with a Ph.D. in Exercise Medicine, I thought people would just come. They didn’t. I talked to everyone about how I could help with back pain, weight loss, diabetes and get in shape. Just like Dar said, they would look at me like a deer in headlights. So, I took a job with a company doing something that drained me, but I had to put food on the table. 4 years later I was still struggling trying to figure it out.

By chance,” (haha) I met Darlene when I was at a dinner at a restaurant in Pittsburgh. She didn’t know me from anyone, but she immediately connected with a warm hello and then within minutes we were off talking about my business and dreams. I had no idea how we ended up there. 

Afterward, the light we shared followed me everywhere. I felt the presence of Spirit and I had a sense that this time of “waiting” had been a preparation. I wasn’t meant to serve everyone, but the people that I was uniquely born to serve, my soul niche.

Enter Dar’s transformational program, Soul Niche Success System. Within a few private mentoring sessions, I had more clarity about what I wanted and why I’m on this planet. And I wasn’t even communicating it clearly although I thought I was!

Because of her guidance, I discovered my soul niche, working with professional women 50+ who lost weight but can’t keep it off. She then helped me design a course that combined my love of Bob Proctor’s spiritual ideas and physical exercise.

The words, the presence, and spirit all came through!

P.s. She not only helped me get more clients but she also “gifted” me with a better podcast format that opened new doors for me. What a surprise addition to my private mentoring sessions!

Denise Edmunds


Thank You For Giving Me My Life Back

I am soo happy !! My life is perfect ! Like never in my life. I just keep dripping with praise for the Lord and the simple perfect life I have right here right now. No lack. No worries… just trust and faith and awe!

God is good. Life is perfect !! Thank you for giving me my life back after losing my brother.

Dr. Melaney

If You Want to Change Careers…

“Before working with Dar, I didn’t realize the full magnitude of my skills and gifts. I struggled in a high-end management position hating how I was treated and the extremely long hours I had to work. Dar helped me to identify my gifts and organize them into a cohesive package that enabled me to not only switch fields completely but to get the job of my dreams while working fewer hours!

None of this would have been possible if she hadn’t mentored me to make important decisions that I had been afraid to make. More than mindset, Darlene’s intuitive business coaching is life-changing. If you get the chance to work with Dar, don’t miss out on it. If you’ve got a marketing or career problem, she’ll help you tap into unshakeable confidence and give you the words and strategies to get you where you want to go!”


Bank of New York Mellon

I Can Still Hear Her Voice Helping Me Find My Way Through

Thanks to Darlene, I was able to become a coach, teacher, and facilitator of change. Our group training was incredibly powerful. I didn’t just learn skills. I learned to lead from Spirit and it made my whole life better. I left that experience a transformed person. I not only learned powerful business leadership skills but how to move my entire life in an amazing direction. Anytime I get stuck, I just think to myself: “(WWDDN) “What would Dar do now?” I can still hear her voice helping me find my way through!

Sally Johnson