Have you been wondering if your long-held beliefs about money are short-changing your success?

If you think it’s even remotely possible that your beliefs about money are keeping you and your biz small, then you’re going to love the story I tell about how I doubled my income in 7 months when I was told it was impossible.

I want to help you access the “impossible” because it’s all energy.

And It’s all shiftable.

When we speak to the molecules within, the molecules outside of us start to change and other people, places and things start to show up.

We call it magic. But it’s also quantum physics and spirituality.

If you’ve been hitting income barriers you’ve got an inner dialogue going:

  • Money is hard to come by
  • You MUST Work really hard to make enough money
  • Money does not grow on trees
  • People with money are greedy and selfish
  • Money is nothing but trouble

The influences: We inherit a lot of beliefs from ages 1-7. Maybe you witnessed parents arguing about money and you internalized the message that money causes problems.

Beliefs about money are like compounding interest – small moments of stress and struggle around money can build up to quite a long sum over the years.

A couple of things all converged to shift my awareness and ability to create money.

Back when I was a therapist, I noticed some folks weren’t getting well and reaching their goals, while others seemed to make strides easily

I knew what it was like to sit in the therapeutic chair and not get the help I needed, so it was important to me to figure this out.

Around that time, I was hanging out with people outside my work circle who were doing amazing things in the field. They all encouraged me to go for hypnotherapy training and watch the lights go on.

Then I went on to get certified as a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I was shocked at what happened when I came back and stopped traditional “talk therapy” and started using hypnotherapy and NLP.

People who had been stuck for years were having major breakthroughs: relationships, healed family relationships, income, etc.

At the same time, there was another dynamic happening…around beliefs about MONEY. 3:58

By day we were therapists, but by night or in the wee hours of the early morning many of us were out in 2nd and 3rd jobs trying to keep a roof over our heads.

On my end, at 5 AM in the morning, I had to mop floors at a giant K-Mart before going to work as a therapist while also teaching a Psychology course at Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA.

Granted I had the best abs I’ve ever had in my life, but that was a crazy load for someone with a history of health issues and disability.

My colleagues and I would hear it was another year with no 2% cola raise. One time we went 5 years with nothing while healthcare costs rose.

Everyone would be mad then inevitably sink back down into the mantra: “That’s okay. We’re not in it for the money.”

I knew I couldn’t keep working like that with my health issues.

So, I thought why can’t I be in it for the money? I already knew I was in it to share my light and love with others and break out of the emotional suffering I knew all too well.

What I did is I broke away from people saying: there was no money. 5:03

Then I did my own money and success work with a hypnotherapist. OMG. Life-changing.

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Here’s the thing: I found the same disempowering conversation taking place in every type of business & sales niche.

There is money everywhere when you’re consciousness is poised to pick up on it.

A funny thing happened: I remember shortly after leaving my purse behind at a restaurant and then going back to get it.

The server said, don’t worry about your purse Darlene, you are money!

That’s the energy you can convey too. Hypnosis can help you reach your goals.

Within 7 months I doubled my income…but I kept my mouth shut about it because of something that happened at an earlier time – watch the video to find out why I kept my mouth shut!

If I can double my income not knowing what I was even doing, with the support you can do it too.

Anyone who says you can’t grow your income in spite of external circumstances…it’s just not true.

I want you to have a new relationship with money that puts you in a position to create the life you’ve been asking for.

You are more awesome and brilliant than you can imagine.

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To Your Extraordinary Success,