Money and Mindset

When you were growing up did you ever hear money doesn’t grow on trees? How about money is the root of all evil? People with money are greedy?

Beliefs about money and your ability to have it start being invested in your memory banks during the ages of 1-7. That’ when your most receptive to learning

Does money mean bring us closer or drive us apart and am I worthy of receiving it.

Hi, I’m Darlene Karpaski, Founder of Your Mission to Money and your subconscious money memories are influencing your success.

Yesterday I was meeting with a highly talented professional who started her own business.

Worth & Wealth: Are Your Dad’s Money Beliefs Hijacking Your Success?

She has been bringing on new clients but instead of using the pricing and service structure we developed so she could make money & make an impact in peoples lives, she diverted into charging by the hour.

She was comparing herself to others instead of recognizing her worth.

Not based on the outcome she was creating for them.

Sally: I don’t know why I’m opening this up to you today. This money thing is hard.  I felt I had no power over circumstances – not valued by my dad. I felt degraded by him. And my mom waited on him hand and foot.

Me: How is your Dad showing up in your business?

Sally: When it came to money he was always trying to get something for free or for less. I grew up around bargaining with people. I can still hear his words: That’s not worth it.

Me: So you hear, I’m not worth that….

Sally: Yes. But I see how I’m sabotaging myself. Those messages were embedded in me.

Money Scripts: Passed Down From One Generation to the Next

Research performed by Dr. Brad Klontz and Dr. Sonya Britt:

Professors at Kansas State University used the term “money scripts” to describe financial beliefs that are often developed early in life and are frequently passed from one generation to the next.

In my article Reprogram Your Mind For Financial Success I share a resource that shows scientific evidence that back up that memories are passed between generations.

In that article I share that how you become what our subconscious minds are programmed to achieve.

So what do you do when you’re programmed to think your not worth the money?”

Check out my article where I reveal a powerful 3-Step process to begin reprogramming your mind.

Who Do You Think You Are (When It Comes to Money)?

Who am I to charge this amount of money for my services? Who do you think you are?

That’s why I use hypnotherapy to help my clients reprogram themselves for success – because we all need our brains firing on MONEY MEMORIES that attract rather than repel the clients and opportunities that are all around us.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what is imagined. That’s why using Sales Hypnotherapy can help you step into the powerful person who sells consistently.

Too many times, we give our power away when it comes to money, but the prosperity superpowers God wired into each of us are here to serve us.

So stay tuned and I’ll share what Sally’s experience is after we do the work around shifting her relationship with her worth and money.

She’s worth it and so are you.

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Darlene Karpaski

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