Achieve Your Sales Goals With This Powerful Strategy

Would you like to achieve your goals without having to push, pull or drag yourself & your employees?

We all have life and business goals that we want to achieve. We usually don’t know how to achieve these goals short of applying more work, force, and pressure.

That constant state of pressure plays out in high stress (think health and relationships), which hijacks your energy, intelligence, and performance.

In a nutshell, it keeps you and employees who want to achieve your goals and theirs working harder than necessary.

The problem with talking about the problems over and over again means you’re mistakenly reinforcing the problem state and the feelings of frustration and helplessness.

And, in a sense creating a failure & frustration movie that plays on auto-pilot & feels impossible to escape.

There’s a better way to achieve your goals that work harmoniously with how your brain is naturally wired. It comes from the land of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

Many of the employees and businesses I work with know what they want. They even know what to do.

But, their subconscious minds need a firmly embedded success movie, or they will default to self-defeating scripts and movies lurking in their memory banks: sales rejections, challenging conversations with a boss, a stressful meeting with an employee, marital conflicts…

What do all of these have in common? They are PROBLEM-FOCUSED, not outcome-focused.

According to Daily NLP :

“First, an Outcome Frame shifts your perspective from getting rid of problems to attaining or creating desired results.

In a nutshell, you can focus on problems or you can focus on outcomes. When you focus on problems, you pay more attention to what’s wrong and not wanted, instead of what you want or desire. That leads you to try to search for the causes of the problem and its symptoms.”

Create a Mental Movie to Achieve Your Goals

Since we have all been programmed to problem solve instead of focusing on creating more of what we want, you might be asking:

“How can I imagine exceeding my benchmarks when I have no idea of how I will actually do it? Remember that when you say you have “no idea,” you mean you have no conscious idea. However, a recent review of 75 papers revealed that imagery can help in several ways:  In addition to helping to focus your attention by stimulating attentional networks in the brain, imagery can actually help your brain to map your path to your goal outside of conscious awareness. Imagining activates brain regions that can unconsciously map your path to success. Not knowing “how” doesn’t actually matter, since the brain will figure this out once you let it know where you want to go.” Srini Pillay, M.D. and executive coach.

When done correctly, the movie you create focuses on the results you want to produce, their effect, and harnessing the resources to create them. So ultimately, the outcome frame focuses your mind on solutions and gains.

3-Step Blueprint & Protocol To Achieve Your Goals

This is a short version of the process I teach my clients, but it will get your subconscious mind focusing on where you want to go instead of a problem you want to get away from!


Step 1: Decide Your Goal

It is essential that you can identify the goal you want to achieve. It must be precise. Write it down in as much detail as possible.

Example: I want to achieve a 30% increase in sales.

Be very specific!

Step 2: Create a Movie Script

Now that you know the goal, it is important that you create a blueprint describing the exact change you want to make. For it to be helpful and generate a successful outcome, it must:

  • Use all five senses;
  • Be very descriptive; and
  • Be written in the present tense

In this example, you want to achieve a 30% increase in sales.

Your Movie Script/Blueprint might look like this:

Scene #1

I’m finding great leads everywhere. I’m getting lots of referrals, and I feel excited!

 I love sending all these thank you cards to my colleagues and

clients. It’s fun to be thanking everyone for the new sales and income. I feel

blessed. I stand taller and feel magnetic and alive in my life. This is easier than I imagined.

I achieve my sales goals with ease.

 Scene #2

I’m at a work event with my husband. The room is bright and festive, with music playing. My colleagues all turn when I walk in, wondering how I achieved

 such a rapid increase in sales. Having met my goal, I feel confident and proud

 of my accomplishments.

 The sound of the music invigorates me. They are smiling at me, and I feel happy.

 As I taste my drink and take it all in, I see the faces of my new happy clients. I’m smiling and at complete ease.

 Scene #3

 Later as we pull into our driveway, I feel blessed…able to put away more money for Billy’s college fund. I can see his eyes light up with the news!  I now have a powerful way to create even more in my life.

My husband opens the door and dances me across the driveway to continue the fun. As I fall asleep with a smile on my face (or after some lovemaking), I feel on purpose and aligned in my life.

You can include different scenes, just like in a real movie. So change the situations to include any that are important in helping you to create the movie of the life you desire.

Step 3: Ready Your Subconscious Mind

Relaxing is essential as this is how you will get your subconscious mind to open up and be receptive to your mental movie.

Find somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply (into your belly) through your nose to a count of four and exhale slowly through your mouth to eight or more. Repeat this six times.

Step 4: Play Your Success Movie

This is where mental programming takes place.

You play your mental movie visualizing yourself living the goal you set. It is important that your movie is played as if you are living it now.

Feel the emotions; experience the sights and sounds. Don’t forget to include all your senses to make the experience feel real.

To ensure your new mental program is fully installed, you must repeat steps 3 and 4 every day for 30 days for the best effect.

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Together we can map a clear and confident path to helping you achieve your goals.

Darlene Karpaski

Creator of the Influence to Income & Limitless Life Mastery Blueprints

Founder & CEO of Your Mission to Money