Move Even Bigger Mountains Than Before…

Darlene Karpaski’s growth frameworks have helped more than 7,000 leaders & businesses grow their influence, relationships and revenues. 

A master in influence, this Business Influence Hypnotherapist is a former pioneering force in Pennsylvania’s mental health system transformation…She believes mental health systems taught us to mistake spiritual journeys for mental “illness.” 

Since 1996, she has helped leaders & businesses by sharing her experience with anxiety while working in executive roles and leading burned out teams to new victories.

Her health & income soared after receiving a form of hypnosis that opened new doors for her & thousands of her clients who didn’t get great results with therapy, training & coaching. 

Her ‘Relationships to Revenues™’ frameworks were recognized by local & national behavioral health leaders such as USPRA & SAMHSA for accelerating transformational culture change in burned out & entrenched mental health teams. 

Darlene has been featured on Advocates for Human Potential, ABC News, Bella Mia Magazine, The Courageous Entrepreneur, and many more. 

***ONLY ONLINE SESSIONS AT THIS TIME unless you’re a Greater Pittsburgh PA based team. 

Darlene Karpaski Business Hypnotist

I don’t care how high-performing you are.

Even superheroes have set backs & need a hand getting their wings back in the sky.

~Darlene Karpaski

  My Philosophy…

I believe God wired us with the POWER to reinvent into better versions of ourselves through adversity, loss, and setbacks (no matter what religion you hail from).

We’re equipped to create extraordinary success, but only taught to scratch the surface of our God-given POTENTIAL. 

You have the power to create expansive new levels of joy & PROSPERITY. That’s why I introduce leaders like you to the version of you that can leap even taller buildings than before. 

 Ready  to  Leap Even Taller Buildings Than Before?